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Andy provides a wide range of cartoon illustration workshops throughout the UK and Overseas that are educational, informative and fun too!, dispelling the Myth that 'we' can't draw - with Andy's workshops EVERYONE can and WILL be able to draw.
Andy is able to offer not only 'themed' workshops that are perfect for School and College visits, but also general 'open' workshops that cover a broad range of cartoon characters and are perfectly suited to Festivals, Fetes, Libraries and Shopping Centres etc
For all workshops Andy creates a selection of his own images for display purposes - i.e, for instance, a 'Space' themed workshop would feature on display at least an Astronaut/Spaceman, Aliens, Rockets and even one or two 'fun' animals making their first journey into space!!!.
The 'themed' workshops are perfect for 'splitting' into two parts (ideal for Schools); i.e. each workshop commences with an introduction and explanation, followed by a Flip Chart demonstration, e.g.;  Andy drawing 'live' one of the characters that features on display , an Alien or Astronaut for instance, then a 'stage-by-stage' 'live'  session commences for all participants; i.e. each participant then (collectively) draws at least one of the cartoons on display, step-by-step, a little at a time (again with Andy drawing with them on the flip-chart 'live'), as Andy draws part of the cartoon the audience will follow at a pace that all can follow, enabling everyone to create (in stages) their own cartoon ('featured' on display) that they can be immensely proud of.
The second part of the workshop is where all participants can create their own cartoons and characters based on part one of the Cartoon Workshop. The audience can create and develop their own Cartoon characters, with Andy's guidance (again stage-by-stage from a Flip Chart/Stand) - always guiding the audience on how to draw relatively simple cartoon people and animals (animals are always very popular with the younger children.) etc. These particular type of workshops are very popular with children and are ideally suited to 5-8 year old and 9 to 12 year old.
Very popular 'themed' workshops for Schools & Colleges include; Superhero Workshop, Halloween Workshop, Christmas Workshop, Inanimate Objects Workshop, Chrismas Workshop, Victorians Workshop, Ancient Greeks Workshop, Spooky Workshop, Holiday Workshop, Animal Workshop, Space Workshop, Mythical Creature Workshop (popular with 9 -12 year old) etc - all 'themed' workshops are perfect for any audience and have been 'tried and tested' over many years and proved very popular not only in Schools and Academies, but also many venues including, Covent Garden (Family Workshop), Summer Reading Challenge (various locations) the Kavaklidere Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey, Aston Hall, Birmingham and Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, Shrewsbury Cartoon  Festival, Shrewsbury,  to name a few.
Andy's workshops are very much in high demand and therefore receiving many repeat bookings - all workshops can be booked for a full day, half day or several days if required. 
Andy holds a current Public Liability Insurance certificate together with a DBS certificate.
Please don't hesitate to contact Andy at any time for further information  and a no obligation quote.
Andy can be contacted on any of the following;
Tel; 07957 711135
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